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About Us

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Top Tier Lending is your reliable, trusted source for working capital you need to sustain, grow, enrich, and enhance your business!

We're 100% focused on small business. We recently launched in March of 2021. However, our partnering company launched in 2011, and together we have partnered up to solve a major issue facing small businesses, which is funding.

We combined our passion for Main Street with cutting edge technology to evaluate businesses based on their actual performance, not personal credit. That enables us to say "YES" more often and faster than traditional lenders, which lets owners spend their time where it should be, on growing their business, not seeking funding.

Our partnered team has helped thousands of business owners receive the financing they need to take their businesses to the next level and together, we here at Top Tier Lending look forward to furthering that mission by continuing to reach more people in need of funds fast. Contact us today to apply for free by either filling out a form or calling direct at (228)288-0532.

About The Owner of Top Tier Lending

Business owner and entrepreneur Whitney Booker, has a solid history in business. She is the owner of her own moving company of 5+ years, has been in the marketing industry for over 8 years, and has been studying the financing industry for 5 years now and prepping for some time to start her own lending company. With much experience as a business owner, Whitney knows all to well the ups and downs of a company, as well as how important funds are to keep it going when needed.


The Top Tier Lending company was created with small business owners in mind, and of course after many years of being in business and working with other business owners, Whitney was determined to start a business that would help business owners to further build their dreams. After the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic, it made all the more sense as to why starting a finance company was important to help those in need. Whitney has always had a passion for helping others, which is what inspired her career choice many years ago. That passion continued to grow after graduating high school, and all throughout college. Whitney went on to graduate college with a Certificate, Diploma, and Associate's degree in business in the year of 2016. Throughout her college years she worked for herself as a self-employed business owner in the marketing industry, and shortly after graduating college, she didn't waste any time getting involved even further within the business industry when she was approached with an opportunity to start her own independent moving company 2 weeks after graduating college. 

Around the time that Whitney started her moving company is when she realized very quickly how important it was to learn more about financing and business funding and since then it has been an ongoing learning experience with not only managing her own businesses, but also with intent to grow her financial skill set as well as connections to help others. In the year 2020, she decided to take further action into starting her own lending company by taking necessary training courses, doing research, as well as getting the opportunity to partner with a network of very well known investors and lenders that have been in business for over 12 years helping thousands of small businesses and individuals to get the funding they need. Whitney's mission now is to further reach out and help those in need of funding and to help business owners and everyday individuals alike to get the funding they need to build their dreams.

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